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Sanitary Bathroom 101, Part 3
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For the weak-hearted shopper looking to limit the number of store trips, "bleach is a terrific disinfectant, as are the Lysol products. We do use Simple Green, which is a fairly strong cleaner and a germ killer."

What about tools?

"I definitely recommend using latex gloves, like surgical-type gloves. You can buy hundreds of them in a box [$9.99 for 300 Kirkland brand latex gloves at Costco], and then you can toss them out each time you use them. Dishwashing gloves are kind of hit-or-miss. They are fine for doing dishes, but they tend to spring leaks pretty quickly, especially if you are using them to clean aggressively. [For hard house-cleaning] they sell neoprene-lined latex gloves (Safety Zone Neoprene gloves at CM Supply are a good choice) at the janitor supply houses. They are much more durable.

"For dried-on, caked-on dirt," Stinton continued, "or if you have stains, oftentimes the chemical will still do the trick. For hard-water deposits or rust, there are chemicals that are designed specifically to take that off, so usually there is not a lot of scrubbing that has to take place. But I do provide my people with the green nylon scrub pads."

And when the party hour has arrived, how can I encourage better hygiene among the feasters?

"Leave paper towels out, instead of setting out extra cloth towels. A couple of hours into a party, those cloth towels will be soaking wet and all jumbled up and people will be discouraged from washing their hands. Some people will even keep the paper towel in their hand to turn off the light switch and grab the doorknob. That is a really good way to prevent a typical way that germs spread - by touching the surface that the germ is on and then touching your eyes or around your mouth."

The saleslady at Mission Janitorial & Abrasive Supplies recommended a quaternary disinfectant by Spartan called Foamy Q & A Acid Disinfectant Cleaner. As a second option she suggested Spartan Non-Acid Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner.

The saleslady at CM Supply likes CM Supply Shower Power. "It is 15 percent phosphoric acid, gel-based so it stays where you put it, and it cleans well." She also pointed out Betco AF79 Concentrate acid-free cleaner. Back to Tips & Tricks


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